Build and design your own framework

Codebook is your new web framework tool. Use our smart code editor to create one unified web design for your products. Codebook's collaboration options, like task manager and comments inside the editor, will speed up the design process and fit right into your workflow.

Faster product releases

Before Codebook, you probably start your projects spending hours of work with the brand style guide. Import your Codebook-stylesheet into your project and enjoy your quick start.

One uniform visual identity

With Codebook, all your digital products will have the same style. You will have insights and more control on your brand identity. We simplify your life as a brand manager, visual designer, and web developer.

Enhanced your design and development process

Every co-worker can have their own login to preview and build the design of your brand. Start conversations per web element, leave questions and comments.

Tools that work for you

We listen and learn. Codebook works with the newest web development technologies, like Sass and NodeJS. We are is constantly researching design and development processes. Try to guide you, for a perfect fit for your projects. Togeather with you, we learn to make our product better.